Convert SCSS to CSS

In this post, you will learn how to convert SCSS to CSS. The process of converting SCSS code is the same as with any other language. You must first find all instances where a variable assignment has been made and then replace them accordingly. After that, we need to tackle the @extend keyword, which adds shared styles between multiple selectors.

How to convert SCSS to CSS?

In this guide, you will learn about the process of converting SCSS to CSS, with examples for each step in the conversion process. It is important that when going through these steps your project has been compiled to run on a computer before getting started so that all changes made can be saved in a file.

  • Find the SCSS code you want to convert, and copy it into your text editor of choice so that it is visible on the screen like this, with no blank lines or comments.
  • Convert all SCSS to CSS by using an online converter tool, for example, Sassmeister. In the URL bar type in “compile css” and a website will pop up that converts from one format to another.

You can also use either google or bing search engine with your query, as they should bring up numerous options for the conversion.

  • Copy and paste the generated CSS into your text editor of choice, adding a blank line before every new selector so that it is easier to read like this:

Example One: .selector {}

Example Two: #anotherSelector{} //commenting

Example Three : a:hover {}

Example Four: @mixin_name() {}

  • Remove the comments or blank lines from your style sheet. The convertor tool should have done this automatically, but it is good practice to double-check by hand. This ensures that you don’t miss anything if there are any errors in the conversion.

The convertor might have generated a mixin declaration that you don’t want in your style sheet. Simply delete it, and fix any other errors as required.

  • Save the file with .css extension instead of .scss or use File > Save As to change the format from scss to css

What is scss ?

SCSS is a syntax that extends CSS, adding nested rules and other features. It allows you to use variables for things like dozens of colors or font stacks, nest styles for modularity, and make custom design patterns such as the BEM methodology. SCSS code is compiled into standard CSS before deploying it on a website which means it’s important to convert SCSS code into CSS before deploying a website.

How to convert scss to css with the help of Nodejs

Step one: install Nodejs on your computer by downloading the installer from and running it, or using a package manager to install it if possible.

Step two: create a file called convert_scss_to_css.js with the coding of below :

var convert_scss_to_css = require(‘node-sass); // use Node.js module

convert_scss_to_css(); // run the program to convert scss to CSS, this is a function which takes no arguments and returns void

console.log(“Successfully converted SC SS to CSS”); //write success message

Step three: open terminal and navigate to your program directory, then type “node convert_scss_to_css.js”

The conversion should take around one minute in normal mode, depending on the size of Scss file. However, this can be increased by adding the flag “-w” to the command, which stands for “watch.”

Successfully converted SCSS to CSS

SCSS vs Css which is better

SCSS is a style sheet language that expands on CSS. It’s easier to read and write than plain old CSS, but the syntax takes some getting used to. For example: .selector {} vs #anotherSelector{} //commenting

It also has more features such as mixins, reusable blocks of CSS code, and variables like constants.

The convertor might have generated a mixin declaration that you don’t want in your style sheet. Simply delete it, and fix any other errors as required.


The conversion guide for converting SCSS to CSS is a great resource if you’re in the process of migrating from one programming language to another. With this conversion guide, you’ll be able to see how many lines your code will have and what style it’s written in with ease.

You can also use these tips when going through old projects that are outdated or unfinished. These options make it easy to update existing stylesheets without having to rewrite everything manually! If you need help with anything else related to web design, digital marketing, or SEO- feel free to reach out anytime! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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