HTML Complete guide for beginners

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a markup language that is used to create web pages and other documents on the World Wide Web. HTML provides a set of codes or tags, which are inserted into text-based content such as an email or blog post in order to define how that content should be displayed on the screen.

In this article, we will review all the basic syntax related to HTML – from headings and paragraphs through links and images. This article also includes many examples so you can see exactly what each code does before trying it out yourself!

HTML Complete guide for beginners

What is HTML tag ?

The HTML tags are designated by the symbols < and >. These tags help us to display our text in a great format, which is why they’re so popular in web design. Did you know that there’s more than just these two? Html provides many of them! You only use one if it suits your needs – though most people will stick with some common ones like “strong.”

For example

If you want to show some bold text on your document. you can bold a tag which is already predefined in HTML. <b>Your text goes here </b>

There are two type of tags available in HTML.

Singular Tag : Singular tag has no closing that is why it’s called singular tag.

<br/> , <hr/>, <img/> etc.

Paired Tag: paired tag has an opening tag and closing tag.

<p> </p> , <div> </div>, etc

What is the use of HTML?

The HTML coding system is used for displaying and formatting web pages. It was created in the late 1990s as a way to standardize documents across different browsers, platforms, and operating systems so that they would display similarly regardless of which device or platform someone is using.

HTML codes were originally designed by Tim Berners-Lee with help from Robert Cailliau at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) back in 1994 when the Internet had just started becoming popular outside of academic circles. The basis behind their design stemmed from an idea called “hypertext,” where the text becomes linked together through links embedded into it; this allowed people on large networks like ARPANET to jump around the network quickly without having to go look up information if they

What are requires to learn HTML?

How can one learn HTML? This is a question that may be on the minds of many people, but it does not have to remain unanswered. There are some methods and resources available for those who want to know more about this topic which will allow them to get started with their own website.

  1. The first thing someone needs in order to start learning how they would create an HTML document is text editor software such as Notepad++ or Sublime Text 2 so they can code correctly without making any mistakes while also being able to make changes at any time before saving what was done up until then.
  2. Browser/client: The browser is also known as a client. You just need a browser and there are default browsers available on your operating system. You can use that one or you can download it from google we recommend to you please install Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as well.

How we build our first web page?

Whenever you are ready with all above requirements. You just need to follow these simple steps to create a web page.

  1. You just need to open your Notepad and create a new file.
  2. Now save your file with any name (make sure your file name doesn’t have any space). For example I want to save my file with name “advance developer” we just write advanceDeveloper.html, advance_developer.html or advance-developer.html.
  3. Congratulation your webpage is just ready. Now you need to put some HTML tags into your file.
<html xmlns="">
    <title> This is my first webPage</title>
    Hello world    

This is our first webpage. which will give us hello world on our browser. Now we explain what the above code is doing.

  1. HTML Tag: On the first line, we use an HTML tag, which is mandatory for every webpage. Also, you need to remember all the above tags because this is called a basic structure. We need to follow this basic structure.
  2. The Head Tag: This is the Head section of our webpage where we put script styles and metadata information about the site or webpage. Make sure u don’t put anything else in this section. which you want to show to the user.
  3. The Title Tag: This is the title tag that is used for the title of our webpage.The title you can see on the title bar of your browser.
  4. The Body Tag: The body tag is also known as the body section. This is the only section where you can put your text, images, video, and all other multimedia information.

Now save your file, and go to your file location, and double click on it. Congratulation!!! your first web page is created. If you enjoy this tutorial please do comment and also check our other article on our home page

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