Javascript Dollar Sign

Summary: The javascript dollar sign is the key to a javascript variable. It’s also known as an “escape character.” The javascript dollar sign can also be used in regular expressions and regexes. This post will cover everything you need to know about javascript dollars signs!

What is the javascript dollar sign?

In JavaScript, dollar sign ($) and underscore (_) characters are identifiers that identify an object. Identifiers can also be used to name variables, functions, properties, or events in code.

If you want to use a dollar sign or an underscore for your variable name, keep in mind that JavaScript will interpret these two characters as if they were letters of the alphabet.

You want to create a JavaScript identifier! You can be named anything, but it has to start with one of these letters: “a” through “z”, “$”, or “_”. A-Z is also an option.

Note: Variables can’t start with a number or an operator.


var $abc | var abc$ | var abc_bcd

How do I use javascript dollar signs?

The dollar sign, or ‘$’ for short, is a well-known shortcut to document.getElementById(). It’s used so often because it saves time from typing out the full function name and its required arguments every single time you need one of these functions which would be tedious otherwise! One thing that some people don’t know about $()? Libraries like jQuery create them by default if they’re called with an ID as their first argument.

If you want to use $() without using libraries, for example, if your project is not compiled so that it can be used with a library like jQuery. You must define the function before each usage of it:



The dollar sign has many uses in programming. It can be used as a variable,

Example: $x = 3; or as an jQuery function call like this “$($(‘#hello’).text())” which would return the inner text of <div id=”hello”>Hello</div>.

var $abc = function() {

// javascript dollar sign for identitifier

}(); // end of javascript identifier

eval($abc); // javascript identifier with arguments as function call to evaluate it. this is what javascript does by default without a library like jQuery!

The Underscore _ Identifier 

The underscore (_) is a javascript identifier that allows the name to be different than the variable’s function. The underscore is typically used as a way of naming a javascript function in order to show that it does not have any functional value, and can also be used for game scoring.



var x = 123;  function _() {};

This is particularly useful in JavaScript since the public and private keywords are not used to define fields. It can be a great time saver for those who have been using it as they won’t need to worry about naming collisions or any other issues that arise when these words go unused.

JavaScript has a very elegant and simple way of handling variables. For example, consider the following:

$var1 = "some text."_ var2=" another piece of data"_.

This is different than what you might have expected because it does not include any symbols or numbers like $ for dollar signs, % which is used as percentages in some contexts, and so forth.

While these are all valid characters that can be found on your keyboard (and thus JavaScript will accept them) they’re being treated just like regular letters- hence why _ was chosen to represent spaces instead!

JavaScript treats $ and _ as special characters, but not when they are treated as alphabetic.

Of course, this treatment of the symbols applies only within JavaScript itself; in data testing for these two letters, it is no different from any other symbol.

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